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About Sivilis

Established in 2006, Sivilis is a strategic consulting company serving private, public and non-profit organizations. Derived from the word civilization, Sivilis aims to create an impact by empowering private sector development in Turkey. Our operations include consulting, research, training, program development and project management. Sivilis core staff includes consultants who are specialized to create innovative and efficient solutions for your needs and we partner with over 30 specialized consultants and service providers to fully service your requirements. We work predominantly with tourism, retail and software industries. We consult businesses as well as sectoral or regional organizations and public institutions.

By partnering with national and international organizations we partake in larger scale projects as well. Combining our consultants’ global experiences and Sivilis’s field experience in Turkey, we service to many global companies looking to grow their businesses in Turkey. Furthermore, we provide consulting and field services in empowering entrepreneurship, job creation, decreasing youth unemployment, sectoral growth and regional growth.

Our Services


Data is a valuable tool that will help organizations to determine where they are and which direction to move. However, data is difficult to gather and even more complex to analyze and convern into a meaningful strategy.
Sivilis helps organizations determine which data they need to keep, how to access this data and how to analyze so that it can be more useful than creating colorful reports. We help set key performance indicators and strategic goals for your operations. Our experienced team brings together market data and field research to create accurate positional scenarios and future strategies for your organization.
By creating a sustainable data collection system in your organization, you will create a dynamic organization that learns from its past and redirects its route for the future. By working with our consultants, we will determine your informational needs and convert raw data that is collected into meaningful, realistic and applicable roadmap.
We can create custom reports and roadmaps based on industry, region or specifically for your organization. Our customer portfolio ranges from state organizations, chambers of commerce, development agencies, industry organizations or private sector companies


Planning is an intricate aspect of operations that can affect the whole organization. To be able to plan, organizations need correct data collected and people who can interpret this raw data into a roadmap.
With Sivilis Consulting, you can get a highly skilled team that is up to date with market statistics and trends and has vast experience with working in different locations and industries on your side. By combining our field experience with scientific modeling and strategy techniques, we present a realistic and implementable roadmap that fits your organization and key team.
Sivilis mainly works with companies that are looking to grow into new markets, creating a new product or service or making a new investment. We create business plans, marketing plans, strategy plans and feasibility reports for new and growing businesses and investment projects.
We use impact analysis and other assessment tools to ensure that your operations will grow sustainably. By identifying key performance indicators, risks and growth areas we devise a strategy that can be implemented within your existing business model.


For many organizations, strategy consulting is only an initial step in the assistance process. Sivilis provides on location consultancy services by being a part of your organization for the duration of the program or consulting process.
We still believe in the efficiency of working face to face therefore our consultants support our clients with frequent common working opportunities to become a real team. Depending on the your needs, implementation can be an organizational development process, investment process, a program to be developed or a new product to be launched.
We work with private, public and non-governmental organizations to create custom made programs that combine global methods with our field experience. We assess the financial, time and human resources necessary to carry out our operations.
By planning our resources, we create a implementation roadmap and distribute duties and financial resources. In projects where access to finance is a problem, our consultants gather up resources like grants, funds, incentives and investment opportunities to take care of financial problems. By working together with our trained personnel, your team gains significant knowledge on project management and we support this learning process with training services.